Jeff Corey’s Appearance on Babylon 5

Babylon 5 drew from many places for its guest stars. Genre stalwarts like Michael Ansara and Brad Dourif. TV regulars like William Sanderson, Melissa Gilbert, and Erica Gimpel. Special guest stars like Michael York and Robert Englund. Even fresh new faces like Bryan Cranston. But one of my favorite appearances, even though it was barely…

Spider-Man Meets The Prankster!

Spider-Man showed up on the Electric Company in 1974, when I was ten years old. I was already a dedicated PBS viewer when the show appeared a few years earlier, and a live action Spider-Man, even if he was in rather corny shorts like above and never spoke, was a must watch. There was also…

Grand Central Forest

A busy spot in Italy’s Abruzzo National Park, in a supercut covering one year.


This is just cool. That is all.

The Bees’ Happy Ending

I posted about Bees twice on Tuesday. While I was taking my photos from across the street, I saw someone on the roof with the beekeepers and what looked like a professional camera. Turns out, he was from Reuters news. Here is a slideshow. (Unfortuntely there’s no way to embed it.) The bees were relocated…

Bee Updated

The puns just write themselves! Great news. Beekeepers showed up and have relocated the hive. They first showed up within minutes of me hitting publish on that earlier post. They spent a long time surveying the situation, undoubtedly because of where the hive was and also so they could do it right. According to a…


My day job is literally in Times Square. The address is 3 Times Square. Despite the grand-sounding name, the building is only a little over 15 years old. Across the street, however, is a slice of history; One Times Square. What was, long ago, the New York Times Building. It doesn’t look like this anymore….

Slow TV

It’s impossible for me to overstate how much I enjoy having this on in the background when I am working, whether it’s writing or coding. Pluto TV has a Slow TV channel, which I run on my Roku. It runs train rides 24×7 (as near as I can tell) with some fantastic cuts, such as…

Be Like the Animals

I apologize for the extended absence. Lots of things going on at once. While I have some more complete posts in the hopper, I thought this was worth sharing right away.