The Bees’ Happy Ending

I posted about Bees twice on Tuesday.

While I was taking my photos from across the street, I saw someone on the roof with the beekeepers and what looked like a professional camera.

Turns out, he was from Reuters news. Here is a slideshow. (Unfortuntely there’s no way to embed it.)

The bees were relocated to a hive in Bryant Park, which is great news. They should feel right at home only a couple of blocks away.



Bee Updated

The puns just write themselves!

Great news. Beekeepers showed up and have relocated the hive. They first showed up within minutes of me hitting publish on that earlier post. They spent a long time surveying the situation, undoubtedly because of where the hive was and also so they could do it right.

According to a coworker with beekeeping experience (they may have come due to him contacting the local beekeeping society) they were probably looking for the queen, so they could take her first.

Then this:

That’s a very brave and dedicated person operating a bee vacuum.

I don’t have a way to show you how high up they are. I tried here.

But that’s barely two stories. It’s over 16 stories up.

But, it’s a happy ending. Everyone is safe, and the bees have probably been released somewhere else by now.







My day job is literally in Times Square. The address is 3 Times Square. Despite the grand-sounding name, the building is only a little over 15 years old.

Across the street, however, is a slice of history; One Times Square. What was, long ago, the New York Times Building.

It doesn’t look like this anymore. Now it looks like a large place to attach billboards.

Yes, there’s a building under there. This is the building the ball drops from on New Year’s Eve.

The view from my desk, on the 15th floor, is the western side of One Time Square.

That’s Godzilla’s shoulder in the foreground. I only packed my zoom lens today.

Why did I pack a zoom lens? Why is this blog post titled ‘Bees?’

Because there are bees on top on One Times Square!!!

(Click to see the full-size image. Use back to get back here.)

They seem to be building a nest on the tracks for the window washing equipment.

Which could get interesting, no?

I’ll keep any eye on this situation.

I hope you’ll beeeeee back.

(Sorry, Dad humor. Can’t resist.)


Slow TV

It’s impossible for me to overstate how much I enjoy having this on in the background when I am working, whether it’s writing or coding.

Pluto TV has a Slow TV channel, which I run on my Roku. It runs train rides 24×7 (as near as I can tell) with some fantastic cuts, such as seasonal transitions as the train moves and the occasional picture-in-picture, with drone footage, interviews, or historical footage.