Dropping My Guard

A lousy conversationalist asked, “Which one of your dead dogs was your favorite?” Well, she didn’t really phrase it that way, but that’s what she meant. Setting up the context would take too long and require recounting even more of an incredibly awkward conversation. This is a blog, and I have to keep things punchy….

Why I Left Facebook

On April 11 I deleted my Facebook account. Well, I asked Facebook to delete my account. I think they have since it’s been 14 days. Of course, if I try to log in to make sure and they haven’t yet, it will reactivate my account. We have to request to have our data deleted. This is…

So Where Have I Been?

That’s rhetorical; I’m not really asking you. This blog went silent for quite a while. While I wasn’t writing here, I was writing. I took back-to-back 10-week writing courses (with mixed results,) and I also wrote a bunch of programming blog posts. Last year I signed up for a work-for-hire spot writing for a Java Programming…

WKRP in Cincinnati

If you’re ancient like me, this is pretty cool. Have a good weekend.

The Protocols of the Elders of Facebook

So last week I gave you some tips on how to protect your data on Facebook. I also threw in a few asides on how I look at Facebook, the information it captures, and how it might have affected the 2016 election. On The Media did a show about this last week. They interviewed Antonio García…

How To Protect Yourself From the Next Cambridge Analytica (Maybe)

So how about that Facebook thing, huh? How can you protect yourself? There are a couple of things you can do to prevent, or at least hamper, the next Cambridge Analytica. (Of course, the next 10 or 13 Cambridge Analyticas have already struck and already have your stuff, but you know what I mean.) Before I…

Merry Christmas!

I apologize for the extended absence. Next year will be a better one for blogging.