Lattes Delayed

Feb 17, 2016

95This is my second story from the flash fiction workshop.


Trouble at the Bridge

By Eric Goebelbecker

“Bowie stole everything he knew from Alice Cooper!”

Godwin snickered as he jammed his phone back into his jeans.

Another one was approaching. This one had on a flannel lumberjack shirt, horn-rimmed glasses, cuffed jeans, and the obligatory stylized beard. Godwin held his arms widespread.

“No bikes on the bridge!”

“Oh c’mon, man. I need to deliver these lattes while they’re still warm or my boss will kill me.”

“No bikes.” Godwin held his arms a little wider and took a step toward the bicycle and rider.

“It’s my first day. Please let me go? I’ll tell my boss to come talk to you about my using this route. Please?”

“Five bucks.”

“Wow man, that’s harsh.” The rider reached into his pocket and peeled off a five-dollar bill.

Godwin returned to his phone.

The Force Awakens was a total rip-off of Battlestar Galactica.”

Godwin chortled and closed the Facebook app. Here comes another hipster on a fixie. What a day!

“No bikes on the bridge.”

“I need to talk to you.” The hipster stopped his bike and got off. He was taller and older than the other.  His neatly trimmed beard almost came to a point. “You need to stop harassing my delivery people.”

“No bikes! Don’t make me angry. You won’t like it.” Godwin held up his fists threateningly.

“I don’t have time to argue. I need to finish this delivery that my regular man was too intimidated to make.”

“No bikes.” Godwin’s arms stayed up, taking the rider’s concession of not having time as a surrender.

“Look, here’s five bucks. Just move.”

Godwin shoved the bills in his pocket and returned to his phone again.

Harry Potter is overrated Twilight fan fiction!”

Godwin guffawed as he closed Twitter. Here comes another! This one was even bigger. Was it the owner? Even his bicycle was larger, with knobby tires and larger packs. He must have some important deliveries to make.

“No bikes on the bridge!”

“Really? Is there a sign I missed?” The big guy stopped inches away from Godwin, making him step back.

“No bikes.”

The big guy got off his bike. He was at least three inches taller than Godwin, with thick arms and broad shoulders.

“I really need to cross this bridge, and I don’t think there are any rules against bikes.”

“No bikes. But I can make an exception for five dollars.”

“That’s what I thought you might say. You’re under arrest.” He pulled out a badge.

Latte deliveries were never delayed again.

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