A Visit to Ellis Island

A few weeks ago, Jürgen, a cousin from Germany, visited the U.S. with his wife, Annette. They were making their second extended visit to various Goebelbecker families around the country, that Jürgen found while he was researching his family tree. Jürgen is a research librarian at the University of Karlsruhe, a few kilometers from Liedolsheim. […]

Catch the Book Train

The New York Public Library has installed a “book train” system for delivering books to patrons. This replaces an older system in the Stephen A. Schwarzman building (the one with the lions) that consisted of boxes placed on a conveyor belt. I have a ticket for a event in October where they will unveil the […]

Amazing Library in China

There are few things writers and readers love more than libraries.I have fond memories of bicycling to and from the library when I was growing up in Ridgewood, NJ, and I also have spent plenty of quality time at events and doing research at the New York Public Library. But feast your eyes on this amazing […]

Happy (Belated) Monday September 12 (13th), 2016

This is 24 hours late. Apologies. It’s time for National Geographic’s Nature Photographer of the Year Contest for 2016. They started accepting entries in August, and will until November 4. National Geographics is making all of the entries available for viewing online as they are submitted. There are already some amazing shots in there. Here’s a […]

Read Some History and Call Me in the Morning

The party out of power tends to run on the idea that things are terrible. The party in power tends to run on the idea that things are fine and only going to get better. These statements make sense. “Vote for me because I want the job” and “Vote for me because I want to […]

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