Ate My Homework

Ever lose a really critical document? If you’ve ever used Word, the answer is probably yes. Especially if you’ve used Word on the Mac.

I haven’t ever lost a document because I am pretty compulsive when it comes to backing documents up. My use of computers predates the availability of hard drives for home use, so a lack of trust in computers is pretty well-ingrained with me.

I still managed to lose an extensive collection of movies and scanned comic book collection to a thunderstorm once, when the power outage destroyed a system that had “mirrored” hard drives. So now I don’t trust them either.

Here is a story from one of my favorite sites, Brain Pickings, about John Steinbeck and how he lost the half-written (by hand!) manuscript to Of Mice and Men.

The dog ate it.

No. Really.

(I had a truly epic rant queued up for this week, but it seems that the act of writing it helped me get over my anger and in the cool light of day, the epic rant looks, well, lame. Sorry for the hasty replacement.)

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  1. I lost an entire day’s worth of writing once. The kind of day where my muse was singing all evening long. Over 3K words, poof!

    I can’t put into words how upset I was. Still am now as I think about it… Took me three days to piece back together what I’d lost.

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