Friday Music: Grand or Graham Central

I shared a great picture of Grand Central Station on Wednesday. Let’s make it a theme! This video was made with yarn and lights, not computer animation! There are some details on the Vimeo page. I have to confess, though, I’d like to see that done with “Graham Central.” Have a good weekend!

Is Civil Disobedience (still) Effective?

Everything old is new again. From the video description on Youtube: “In November 1970, after my arrest along with others who had engaged in a Boston protest at an army base to block soldiers from being sent to Vietnam, I flew to Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore to take part in a debate with the […]

Ransomware: Scary Stuff

In case you’re not already familiar with it, “ransomware” is software that installs itself on your computer, scrambles your files so you can’t use them anymore, and then holds them ransom until you send money to the ransomer. (Via bitcoin, so (s)he cannot be identified.)  Depending on who “sent” the software, sending the money may […]

Friday Music: Fab Faux

My wife and I saw the Fab Faux last weekend. If you’re not familiar with them, the Fab Faux are a Beatles tribute band that have been around for about twenty years. (Their website is here. It’s done completely in Flash and is incredibly annoying.) I can’t say enough about how talented and entertaining the band […]

Colossal Kaiju

Yeah, it’s a redundant title. You come up with these things five days a week. I love Kaiju. When I was a kid, WPIX-TV (channel 11) had “Chiller Theater,” which would run various “horror” movies, including kaiju like Godzilla on weekday afternoons. If the weather was bad, or if I was sick (which was frequent for a […]

The Power of White Noise

I have a lot of writing to do. When I need to buckle down and focus, the music is shut off, and I switch over to white noise/ ambient sounds. Which means I am using top-of-the-line noise-cancelling headphones to listen to background noise. Isn’t the 21st Century wonderful? The video above is one of my favorites. […]

How Do You Keep a Reader in Suspense?

I’ll tell you next week. Open Culture posted a few articles about Alfred Hitchcock a couple of weeks back. This one discusses how the master of suspense did his suspense-mastering. The “ticking clock” is obviously how it’s done, but it’s interesting to hear Hitchcock talk about making sure the bomb never goes off. Interesting enough […]