A Change In Direction

Sep 03, 2018

Confucius said “the man who chases two rabbits ends up at Chipotle.”

Or was that Jeffrey Lebowski?

Anyway, I’ve spent most of 2018 in a self-imposed tug-of-war between working on fiction and freelance gigs writing tech blogs.

I’ve always wanted to write fiction, and I find the writing very rewarding when I have the time to focus on it. I’m a voracious reader of science fiction and fantasy.

At the same time, I like technology too. I’m also pretty good at it, having been a radar repairman, field service engineer, system engineer, Polyglot programmer, classroom instructor, and freelance tech blogger.

Because I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to focus on, I neglected this blog. I needed to pick an audience and then post what that audience wants to read.

So, it’s time for a change.

Going forward, this space will be mostly about technology and tech blogging. In addition to periodic personal blogs, I’ll be cross-posting posts I write for tech companies when I am permitted too.

I will still publish the occasional personal post, collection of photos, and links to comic reviews when I feel like. I’m headed to NY Comic Con 2018 as a member of Multiversity Comic’s Staff, and I am sure that will lead to a post or three.

But for the most part, this space will be about technology and tech blogging. Fiction is going on the backburner until it gets the time it deserves.

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