Agile Release Train Smells – The Most Common Mistakes

Here’s a post I wrote for EnoV8 a while back. You can find the original here. Whether your organization is starting an agile transformation now or is well on its way, there are always pitfalls. Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is a big leap for most organizations. After all, even if some of your development teams […]

How to Measure Lines of Code? Let’s Count the Ways

Here’s a post I wrote for NDepend a while back.  The original post is here, on their blog. NDepend’s tools for .Net are very cool and made me jealous. We don’t have anything close to that powerful for Java. This post was a lot of fun to write, since counting lines of code is one of […]

The Spring Feature Toggle: Your Guide to Getting Started Quickly

This is a post I wrote for Rollout, a tech company that has a system for managing feature toggles in enterprise applications. The original post is here. When it comes to agile development and “moving fast and breaking stuff,” many people think of REST APIs. Decomposing services into manageable building blocks with clearly defined interfaces […]