Thoughts On The Night Of Finale

I watched the series finale of “The Night Of” prepared to be disappointed. If you’re not familiar with this HBO series, you might as well just stop here. Not only is this post written with someone who has already watched the miniseries in mind, but it’s also packed wth spoilers too. Caveat emptor. “The Night […]

Research on Liedolsheim

My grandfather’s story starts in his home town, Liedolsheim, moves to France for World War I, and then returns to Liedolsheim until he is forced to leave before members of the NSDAP (Nazis) try to kill him. Again. So of course, writing about this involves a lot of research about Liedolsheim. Liedolsheim has always been present: […]

Short Story: Mixed Results

This is a story I submitted for a contest at It was rejected. With the research and writing I have been involved in for my first novel, this topic jumped right out at me when I read the first line, for obvious reasons.  “Unfortunately, there is no mistake,” she said, closing the file. “You […]

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