The First Monarch Arrives

My wife, Dagmar, works hard on our garden. It’s beautiful and I need to get out of the chair and take some photos. One of her projects has been growing milkweed, favorite meal of the Monarch butterfly. It grew this year, and we have our first customer! I really need to get outside.

High Speed Hummingbird Video

Every year my wife hangs out our hummingbird feeders, hoping that at least one decides to hang out near our yard. Most years we’re lucky and we see a couple, and if I am really lucky I even get a few photos. As a matter of fact, I just ordered a new lens for taking…


Wish I had been closer to the window. Not much to add to this, really.

Darwin’s Unfinished Symphony

It’s hard to argue with the idea that our complex¬†cultures set¬†us apart from the rest of the animal world. As Diana Gitig put it in her review of Darwin’s Unfinished Symphony : Other species are indisputably smart; they can learn by example, they can communicate, they can innovate to solve problems, they can use tools,…

The Last of the Rhinos

If you pay attention to nature in the news, you are familiar with the plight of rhinoceroses in the wild. It’s sad, and it’s infuriating.   Full version, with a content warning.