Feb 11 2020

Feb 11, 2020

Before succumbing to a nasty winter cold, I managed to rearrange my office. It has a lot more room for books now, and a snazzy whiteboard for storing Important Thoughts in a Visible Place.

The office redesign part of creating a daily writing practice. I've already started a 5-day-a-week blogging practice. Even though many of the posts are brief and free of any encumbering content, they are there. I put virtual pen to virtual paper every weekday morning. Like right now.

The next step was creating an environment that made it easier to focus. My office was a cluttered mess where papers disappeared,  books lay on the floor, shelves and drawers overflowed, and I found it damn near impossible to concentrate.  

So I moved some unneeded furniture out, added a new book shelf (and another is coming) and added the whiteboard for tracking personal projects and mild witticisms. It's a lot easier to be in here right now, and much easier to get work done.

Bis morgen!

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