Feb 20 2020

Feb 20, 2020

Happy Birthday Mom!

You know how some writers joke about having only one reader? Yeah, well my Mom doesn't read any blogs, not even mine. But it is her birthday. (That photo however, is not my Mom. That's my campaign shirt. It would still be a step up.)

I'm down another pound, which still puts me off pace. On the other hand, I feel pretty good and started some heavy squats and deadlifts this week since my knee feels a bit better. My first DEXA scan is coming this Monday and I am looking forward to getting some accurate information on my body composition to use as a guide for the next four months.

There's a rant cooking in the back of my mind that will become a blog post, probably today. While I like the classic daily blog format, I guess I should at least nod in the direction of SEO and put longer topics under some kind of a menaingful title.

Bis spater!

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