Feb 21 2020

Feb 21, 2020

That's my rig. My kit. My stuff.

The tablet lying on its back is a reMarkable. The display is Kindle-style e-paper that you can write on with a stylus. Your documents are stored in the tablet (and the cloud) and you can retrieve them as pdfs with or without conversion to text. The conversion does a great job, even with my left-handed apelike scrawl. It's not a perfect device, but it works well enough and replaces the Moleskine and pen I've been carting around for a few years. Unlike Apple, the reMarkable uses a standard stylus, so I was able to shop around and find one that feels perfect and only ran around $10.

Up on its keyboard case is my new (refurb) iPad 6 with LTE. I'm writing this blog post on it (even though the folks at Ghost don't support mobile editing yet because mobile computing is just a fad) and use it at work for streaming music and keying up-to-date with personal stuff. The keyboard is pretty good and writing a few hundred words is fine. I still need my clackety-clack Das Keyboard for serious writing, though.

The banana is for scale.

Bis Montag!

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