Feb 24 2020

daily Feb 24, 2020

"Were you an athlete?"

That's not a question I ever wanted to hear, but I did.

I went to the DEXA Scan today knowing that I'm in bad shape. The idea was to get an idea of how much. I also wanted to know, once and for all, if there was a reason why I've never been able to get what the averages say is a "healthy" weight.

The scan itself is pretty easy. You lie down on a large table and a scanner passes over your body. While you do need to stay still for 10 minutes or so, it's not enclosed like an MRI and the scanner is very quiet.

After the scan is complete, a computer analyzes the results and creates a report and then you go over the results with a doctor. The doctor opened the review with:

"Were you an athlete?"

It turns out that while my body fat percentage is too damn high, my lean body mass is, to quote the doctor again, "off the charts." So underneath the fat I'm in pretty good shape.

But the question stung. Was I an athlete? Are those days over?

No. They are not.

Bis morgen!

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