It's already Thursday and I haven't even started a "normal" blog post. I've been struggling just to keep up with work and getting these daily brain dumps on the blog.

Part of it is due to three doctor visits in three days, but I have to be honest with myself and say that it has to do with a lack of focus when I finally do sit down and try to work. I may need to start using Rescuetime to "turn off the Internet" so I make better use of my limited time.

That photo is from last weekend. I stopped in at a local "estate sale" and found those Hummels for sale. My mother is an avid collector, and my grandmother woud always bring one or two back from Germany when she tracveled over there to see family. So for me, these little knickknacks hold memories of my grandparents returning from a long trip, my mother being thrilled to get a new one, and home – since they were always on display in our living room.

I ended up buying one for my Mom and one for me. She saw one in the photo that she didn't already have. Mine is one of the first ones I remember my mother getting when I was a kid.

Bis morgen!