It's 5:30AM as I'm start this post. The wind sounds like a freight train passing the house and my cell phone tells me it's 25 degrees outside. Has Old Man Winter finally returned? There's even word of snow this weekend! The return of cold weather is oddly comforting given what's happening around the world, even if it means freezing my delicate tuchis off riding the bike from the ferry to the office. (Update: my tuchis is still here, but it was close.)

It's also a three-day weekend! This means I can spend a lot of time writing and might even be able to squeeze in some television, which I have been trying to avoid since finishing the latest season The Expanse (which was excellent.) in favor of said writing.

Speaking of writing, this is my first post on Ghost. So far, it's great! I'm giving something up leaving the Wordpress network, but this platform is very nice, and the customer service has been outstanding! There are no comments here, but I'm OK with that for now. While this blog has never received much attention, it's seen a ton of spam comments. I'm going to put up an easy-to-use contact form in case you want to talk to me.