Don't Play Their Game

Don't Play Their Game Feb 15, 2017

Two weeks ago I wrote about how being blinded by hate can keep you from achieving your goals and help your opponent.

Last week I wrote about the folly of extreme ideology.

And then a few hours after I hit publish on the second post, I came across this. It’s about a successful outrage-driven publicity campaign for Tucker Max that’s been reused several times, including for liberal media punching bag (and asshole), Milo Yiannopoulos.

There’s no such thing as bad publicity!

Any press is good press!

These beliefs are a hell of a lot older than the Internet, and if you have no pride or shame, they’re true. Tucker Max’s brand is “asshole.” For real. He even calls himself that.

Those beliefs are also true if making people angry is a key part of your brand, and you can get those angry people to act as your publicists. Tucker Max did it, and his marketing talks about how Yiannopoulos’ people are using his marketing plan. To the letter.

Yiannopoulos is no one without the protests that follow him around. He’s just another overgrown child who says the things that overgrown children say to get attention and sell books.

But because of those protests, he’s famous and a hero. There’s a whole bunch of people who love anyone that can get “libtards” and “snowflakes” angry. And he’s done it. He did it so well that, as the author of the article pointed out, they went and handed him the moral high ground when the protests became violent. (Before you comment: it doesn’t matter who was violent.)

Let’s try a thought experiment.

A hateful bigot is invited to speak at the campus of the most liberal university in the country which is, logically, in the most liberal city in the country. Rather than freaking the fuck out, the people who disagree with him ignore it and write him off as a representative of a fringe group.

  1. How many people show up to hear him speak?
  2. Of the people that do go, how many of them walk out feeling differently than they did when they entered?

Hate makes you stupid.


Photo credit: Neeta



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