Domo Arigato, Dick Tracy

comics Jan 23, 2020

An important part of my morning routine is reading the daily comic strips. When I say important, I mean it. My father introduced me to the comics when I was very young. He enjoyed laughing at the corny puns and following the exploits of ongoing strips like Pogo, Bloom County, and the beautifully drawn Prince Valiant.

I don't get the paper delivered, not because I don't want to follow the news (although lately...) but because I've never lived in a place where they could get it to my house before I left for work, and coming how to last night's news at 7PM seemed silly, even before the 'Net become a big deal.

So, I've been reading the comics online for many years.  You can get your daily selections emailed to you by GoComics  and Comics Kingdom.

GoComics has one of my favorites: Dick Tracy. Tracy was terrible for a long time. The pacing was geological. The art was loose, disjointed, and inconsistent. But in 2011 Mike Curtis took over the scripting and Joe Staton took over the art. Staton has been a favoriate of mine since I was a teen and he drew comics. I even have some autographed prints of his on the wall in my office.

Here's an example of their work:

Yes, that's Mr. Roboto from Styx's "Kilroy was Here." And yes, that last bit of dialogue is a reference to their hit single, "Too Much Time on My Hands." You can see the strip in color here.

Need a break from our endless stream of depressing news? Check out the comics.

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