Jan 27 2020

Jan 27, 2020

This is the futuristic radio set up in my home office. It's portable old-school over -the-air radio plugged into a Marshall Kilburn (affiliate links) amp via the headphone jack. You can also see some knick-knacks. And dust. I need to clean up after kicking up some dust fixing a network cable.

Why such a convoluted setup? When I'm writing words or code, I usually listen to classical music and the NYC metro area has WQXR, one of the best classical music stations in the country. Since it's easy to tune into to it over the air, I can use a small radio and don't need to use my phone or a web browser to listen to good music. I can put the phone away, close the browser, and get to work.

Second of all, because I can. I'm not a normal person.

Bis morgen!

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