Sep 18, 2020

Around 850,000 people filed new unemployment claims in the U.S. last week.

Apple announced new pricing that will save users money on their music, TV, and video game service.

People are still recovering from Hurricane Sally on the Gulf, while others are undoubtedly still recovering from Marco, a storm largely forgotten because it “only” caused damages of about $10 million. That's a tiny number. Unless of course, your home is included in it and you still don't have a job because of the pandemic.

Almost every morning the financial news contains breathless headlines about the billionaire dance-off over the fate over TikTok. Who will have the privilege of collecting the profits generated from content the service’s users creates for them?

John Edwards’ campaign catch-phrase comes to mind several times a day now for me: there are two Americas. He was talking about where we were more than 16 years ago. Things haven’t improved, they’ve gotten worse. The pandemic puts that fact in sharp relief.

How many of us will climate change push from one America to the other? Do you think you’re safe? That’s not an admonishment. It’s an honest question. I don’t know if I am.

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