Back in the pre-COVID days, I blogged about getting into shape and holding my self accountable on this blog. While I have fallen down on posting about it, I have stuck with the program.

Feb 15 vs. Jul 5

The photo on the left is February 15th and the right is July 5th. There's a 32-pound difference. (My wife took one photo, while the other was done using the self-timer on my phone. So, they were taken at different distances and angles.)

That works out to just over 1.5 pounds a week, which is a good pace. If I can keep it going I can lose another 50 pounds this year. That'll put me where where I want to be, with my total loss at around 110 pounds.

The number I'm more concerned with than weight is body fat percentage, though. Nine days after the "before" photo I had a DEXA Scan done. It put my body fat percentage at 34.8%. (I have another scan scheduled for August 3rd.) Yesterday my Tanita scale, which is not completely inaccurate, put the percentage at 21.6%. 21% is too low - if all of the weight I lost was fat, it's probably closer to 27%. The only way 21% is right is if I put on a lot of muscle. I don't think I did. Either way, it looks like most, if not all of the weight I lost was fat. That's what's important.

How did I do it? Short answer is diet first, exercise second. Longer answers are coming. Stay tuned.