The Monster at the Door

freya Jan 20, 2020

Friday was a tough day, so we decided to treat ourselves to sushi. Home-delivered sushi of course, because it's not really a treat if you can't be lazy too, right? So we ordered from a local spot via Grubhub.

While we were waiting, Freya became a little restless, so we let her "watch TV." To Freya, "watching TV" means sitting at the front door and looking outside. Even though it was very cold, we opened the front door and let her sit in front of the glass storm door to watch for squirrels.

About 45 minutes later, I heard a car horn. Before I made it to the door, I received a text message, too:


Why was the Grubhub driver announcing their arrival? Why did they toot their horn?

I headed to the door where Freya was calming looking at a car parked at the end of our driveway through the glass storm door that was fogged with her doggy breath.

After a few minutes of waiting and another text message, it was clear the driver wasn't coming to us, so my son went out and got the food.

"Why didn't they come to the door?" I asked when he returned.

"She said something about a monster at the door."

Yeah. The monster at the door. Run while you can!

Extreme close up of the dangerous monster at rest
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