Nature is, of course, completely unaffected by COVID-19. Spring has arrived in the NYC Metro area.

The dogs and birds enjoy looking out the front door.

Of course Freya prefers having the door to herself.

Squirrels understand how glass doors work, it seems.

This chipmunk is the master of their domain.

We hung out a new bird feeder a couple of weeks ago. It's become a neighborhood hot spot.

And, my wife broke out the bird house collection and hung them in the yard.

We had a cookout Saturday for my son and his girlfriend. Eating outside was the easiest way to maintain six feet of separation. It seems odd to do that with family, but we travel in different social circles, and it seemed wise.

I didn’t get any pictures of the dinner, but I did get one of the back patio cleaned up and ready for business. (Note the separation between tables.)

How is Spring looking over by you?