That's a picture I took from the front deck of the ferry a few days ago. I had to stand there with my bike one morning as punishment. Punishment for rushing to the dock as fast as I could to make sure I was near the front.

Not rushing is a serious offense while commuting. You pay dearly for it.

My Dad used to send me videotapes when I was stationed in Germany. That's how I saw all of Moonlighting. It's also how I saw Night Flight and the amazing J-Men Forever.

And, it's how I first saw the cult classic Twice upon a Time.

Running between the Mad Rushers

Here's part of the story line from IMDB:

Once upon a time, there were some people called the Rushers of Din. Each night as they slept, sweet dreams were delivered to them from sunny Frivoli, while nightmares came to them from the mysterious Murkworks. But the malevolent master of the Murk, Synonamess Botch, was not content. He wanted the Rushers to have non-stop nightmares

The Rushers of Din are commuters. They do nothing but rush, work, rush again, and sleep.

I figure I got this tape in 1986, so I was at the ripe age of of 22. I saw the Rushers. I laughed. I said "I'll never do that."

Yeah, I've done that.

I try not to now, so I pay extra to take the ferry and then I ride a bike for the "last mile" (1.5, really) of my commute.

The ferry should be low stress, and it is; except when it's cold out. Then everyone wants to be on the lower deck and next to the door so they can get off quickly. Physics, of course, is not ok with this because it requires two or more objects to occupy the same space at the same time.

So, the people are jerks to each other. They become Rushers, even though they are taking what is, without question, the best commute from NJ to NYC.

So, I see the Rushers. I laugh. I say "I'll never do that." And often just ride outside in the cold where it's more pleasant.

Bis Montag!