The New Now

Nov 13, 2015

It’s 5:30 when my Microsoft Band vibrates to wake me.  It’s still dark. I use my iPad to light my way down the stairs so I don’t have to wake my wife with the hall light. Caffeine follows me.

I head right to the coffee grinder and french press. Caffeine recognizes that this means no food is coming and heads back upstairs and back to bed.

Even my hyperactive dog thinks it’s too early to be wandering around the house, but I like this time. I usually need some time in the morning before I can communicate with people (or dogs). I also like the quiet.

I check my blood sugar. It looks good today.

As my coffee brews I look over news and email. Soon the coffee is ready and I drink at bit. I would like nothing more than to stay here and read and maybe write at bit. But it’s time to get to work.

Down to the basement. It’s a lifting day (I alternate days between weights and the recumbent exercise bike) so I prop the iPad up on its stand and open the spreadsheet with my exercise. I fire up Justice League Unlimited on Netflix (it’s the episode where Mordred makes them kids!) and start my warm up.

I never used to need to start with a warm up, but my shoulder has made it abundantly clear: I do now.  I stretch, with a focus on the shoulders and the hated hamstrings, which an orthopedist one described as being “like cement.” The standing desk, by virtue of making it possible for them to not be compressed for 30+ hours a week, has made them more like cement that hasn’t fully cured yet.

One of the warm up exercises are “Spider-Man Steps” a movement originally developed when waterboarding proved ineffective on some prisoners.

And then finally the good part. Today’s menu features squats, bench press, curls, push ups, step ups, and planks. Followed with a final course of probable problems climbing the stairs back out of the basement and random soreness all day.

Would you like to see the whine list?

This is it. This is life. It’s not only a phase. I can’t afford it to be.

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