Thinking is Hard

brain Mar 16, 2017

Veritasium is another favorite Youtube channel of mine.

Check this out. It’s long but well worth 12 minutes if you ever find yourself needing to use your brain for something more than a place to rest your hat.

“You have to be willing to be uncomfortable,” Muller says.

So what sounds like a quote from a self-help book has some scientific reasoning to it. The very act of slowing things down and focusing on them, makes our brain process them differently.

This difference explains why taking notes with a pen results in better retention than with a computer or even a phone for me. I find writing by hand to be very difficult due to several hand injuries, while typing is nearly effortless for me since it’s been a part of the day job for close to thirty years now. (Although I am starting to get some discomfort in one hand, but I don’t like to admit it, so nevermind.)

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