Going forward I'll be posting daily post on days that are mildly interesting for one reason or another, such as a bike ride. There as much for me as for you, and I won't be blasting these out to subscribers.

Today I got up a little early and took a ride over to Piermont, NY, one of mt favorite cycling destinations when I only have an hour or so to ride.

Piermont is right on the Hudson, just over the New York State border. The main avenue through town passes several small restaurants and my favorite bakery/coffee spot, Bunbury's Cafe (featured image above.) If you keep going through Piermont, you'll hit the Tappan Zee Bridge a couple of miles later. Keep going, and you're on a (relatively) bike-friendly route that will take you to interesting points upstate, including the Tappan Zee Bridge, "bike mecca" Nyack, Bear Mountain, and more.

Piermont is a nice morning ride when, as I said before, I only have an hour to get back home and start work. The village has bike racks out in front of the cafes and restaurants, and there's enough other riders there that you don't even feel obligated to lock up your bike. It's like cycling in a world that actually okay with cyclists and doesn't seem them as freaks or worse - people taking precious space away from three-row SUVs and pickup trucks.