Woke up a little late. Freya was restless all night, which means I was too, of course.

Eighteen degrees outside during the walk, but the feels like” was in the mid-twenties. It was nice to feel the sun, especially on my hands when I had to take the gloves off.

The clear sky meant I could take a couple of nice photos.

Personally, I prefer the golf curse without the boring uniformity of the perfectly-manicured grass.

Knickerbocker Country Club Looking DesolateKnickerbocker Country Club Looking Desolate

Took Freya on a side street we haven’t been on for a while and spotted this.

Wasp Summer HomeWasp Summer Home

I guess this nest had been concealed by leaves? Pretty cool, now that it’s safe to get close enough to see it.

Got a lot of goodd work done today, but ended up skipping Aikido because the cold I seemed to have gotten over has returned. Bummer. Getting a little writing done before calling it a day.

See you tomorrow!

January 22, 2024