Eric is the author of Shadows of the Past, the first book in an ongoing series about the aftermath of the Martin invasion in the War of the Worlds. He’s currently working on the next book, Clouds in the Future, as well as a few fantasy stories that he won’t talk about yet.

Eric was lucky enough to inherit an incurable curiosity about technology and a tremendous love of science fiction from his father. Both led to a career repairing radars in the U.S. Army, followed by another as a programmer on Wall Street. Now, he writes about technology during the day, while scifi part time.

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His day job is Practice Manager for Hit Subscribe. I plan content and write technical blog posts, most about programing, DevOps, and CI/CD for clients like ngrok, CloudBees and TestIm.

He should do a better job of keeping track of what I’ve written for tech , but here are a few links.

He recently wrote this tutorial about a building chatbot with Milvus and Towhee for Zilliz.

He’s written many tutorials and post for Baeldung

And many more post for these clients, among others.


Scalyr (now Sentinel One)

Sentinel One again


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