Docker Tutorial: Get Going From Scratch

This is a post I wrote for Stackify a while back. You can find the original here. Docker is one of the most exciting technologies I’ve seen in a long time. I enjoy working with it. Docker is a platform for packaging, deploying, and running applications. Docker applications run in containers that can be used…

Getting Started With the Swift iOS Feature Flag

This is another post I wrote for the Rollout blog. You can find the original right here. This post was a lot of fun to write since I hadn’t done any IOS development in a few years. Mobile users expect more. They want their applications to be as stable as yesterday while looking and acting…

A Post and Some Pie

Today a post I wrote went live over on It’s about Deep Work, a book that literally changed my life. It’s worth a read if you want to learn how to boost your productivity. Also, this is a picture of pie. I like pie. I had this slice of pie in an old school New…

No One Leaves This Earth

  Enjoy a tune from the “The Pineapple Thief.” Come for the goofy band name. Stay for some of the best prog rock recorded in years. Chances are you’ve heard some of their stuff in movies or TV.      

The Spring Feature Toggle: Your Guide to Getting Started Quickly

This is a post I wrote for Rollout, a tech company that has a system for managing feature toggles in enterprise applications. The original post is here. When it comes to agile development and “moving fast and breaking stuff,” many people think of REST APIs. Decomposing services into manageable building blocks with clearly defined interfaces…

A Change In Direction

Confucius said “the man who chases two rabbits ends up at Chipotle.” Or was that Jeffrey Lebowski? Anyway, I’ve spent most of 2018 in a self-imposed tug-of-war between working on fiction and freelance gigs writing tech blogs. I’ve always wanted to write fiction, and I find the writing very rewarding when I have the time…

Still Catching Up

Still catching up from being away a little over a week. Not coming back seems like a better option with each passing minute. But it is a Friday, which should mean good music. Enjoy some Dead Weather.

Vacation 2018

Vacations are about moments. Here are a few from the past 2 days, in no particular order.

Writing Update

It’s been a while since my last update. Writing for Multiversity Comics has been a lot of fun, but my first real project was time-consuming. I’ve written reviews for each episode of Luke Cage Season 2. You can find them at that link or my author archives page over there since it’s all I’ve written…

The First Monarch Arrives

My wife, Dagmar, works hard on our garden. It’s beautiful and I need to get out of the chair and take some photos. One of her projects has been growing milkweed, favorite meal of the Monarch butterfly. It grew this year, and we have our first customer! I really need to get outside.