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Below is my Web Blog. It's very much an old school blog, so it may be very boring.

Spent the weekend going over the edits for Shadows of the Past. Now I need to finish another read-through to check for lingering typos and formatting issues.

That’s it. See you tomorrow.

February 19, 2024 blog daily diary

Normally, a Nespresso machine wouldn’t be my style. They’re the Amazon Kindles of coffee makers. They come pre-enshittified; you can only purchase coffee capsules manufactured by Nestle for the latest line of machines.

So it’s coffee with DRM. Coffee that forces you to send all your money to one company while stuffing landfills with needless waste.

But this machine was a Christmas gift, and after some research I learned that you can overcome Nestle’s silliness with My Cap They’re resuable lids that make it possible to reuse the pods.

I get the edits to Shadows of the Past today! So busy day, busier weekend.

Have a great Friday!

February 16, 2024 blog daily diary

Still have the nose to the grindstone, with two more client calls and work on the novella for Patreon.

Not feeling close to 100%, and may have to get to sleep early for the third night on a row, instead of Aikido.

On Deck: Zoom. More zoom. Writing.

Listening: Link for FB:

February 15, 2024 blog daily diary

It’s a melty Valentines Day!

Another busy day. Lots to prepare for a bunch of conference Zooms tomorrow.

Also preparing to start running a Nose Work class in NYC next week.

February 14, 2024 blog daily diary

It’s a snowy Tuesday!

We’re supposed to get a lot today. Here’s hoping! I like it when the world has to slow down for a day or so.

On Deck: Writer’s group call. Meeting with marketing consultant. Meeting with clients. 37th wedding anniversary! Snow day?

Inbox:  Unspeakably full.


February 12, 2024 blog daily diary

Headed to the obnoxiously-named Genius” bar to get the keyboard fixed on my Macbook Air.

I still prefer Linux for my daily driver, but the MacBook Air platform has always been one of my favorite platforms. (I’m typing this on a 2013 11” Air running Linux Mint.) But newer 2020 M1 Air has great battery life, which is great for day trips to the cafe and Vellum, the best ebook formatting software around, only runs on MacOs.

Hopefully the M1 will remain my last-and-only MacOs system.

The final cover for the Grovers Mill novella is in:

Just need to finish the damn story now.

And the Tesla Fire Short story is on Book Funnel. Go get it!

The link is pinned on my page if you’re reading this on Facebook.

February 12, 2024 blog daily diary