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Below is my Web Blog. It's very much an old school blog, so it may be very boring.

I guess late posts on Sunday will be a thing now.

Spent yesterday polishing a guest blog post, updating my Synology NAS, which was a huge mistake since they decided to cripple the open source software I was running on it, and starting on another character bio for this week’s newsletter.

Unwound before bed with That Touch of Mink,” a 1962 romantic comedy pairing Doris Day and Cary Grant for what seems to be the only time. Largely a generic rom-com, although Gig Young and John Astin steal the show, IMO.

Does your public library offer a Kanopy subscription? It’s the best streaming service you’ve never heard of, and it’s free!

February 11, 2024 blog daily diary

Got some great feedback on The Tesla Fire, the short story that I’ll be giving to subscribers to my newsletter. (Subscribe over here if you’re ready this on the blog. On my page if you’re on Facebook. ) I’ll make the changes this weekend, then format for PDF and ebooks.

I slapped together a cover this morning:

I need to think about it for a few days.

Back to the dojo after a few days resting my (still) sore shoulder, then over to a friend’s house to plan a bike trip from the northwestern tip of New Jersey down to the southeaster corner. Yes, NJ has some nice cycling, and you can good bagels on the way.

February 10, 2024 blog daily diary

It’s Friday! The weekend is nearly here, so I can try to catch up on work for the next two days.

On Deck:  New post about developer metrics for a client. Overdue email newsletter.

Inbox: Out of control.

Listening: Radio Paradise. Sonos had some network issues, which bodes ill.

Reading:  Still on Imperium. Good stuff.

Last Watched: Criminal Record over on AppleTV+. Doctor Who as a dirty London cop.

February 9, 2024 blog daily diary

Back to the grind.

With the short story and big tutorial finished, I head back to the queue. Keyword research, lesson plans for Nose Work classes, and a novella for Patreon.

On Deck: See above.

Inbox:  Scary.

Listening: Radio Paradise. Spinning some Jeff Beck as I write this.

Reading:  Still in Imperium.

Last Watched: Quantum Leap.

Condition:  Okay, I guess.

February 8, 2024 blog daily diary

After a week of dragging ass, I’m finally getting stuff done. I’ve finished the short story that will serve as a giveaway for joining my email list and will post it after feedback from my writing group this weekend.

I’ve also made considerable progress on the tutorial I’ve been struggling with at the day job. It will be done today, too!

Next is to finish up the novella I’m planning for Ream or Patreon (or both?) I already commissioned cover art for that. This is the latest revision. I think it’s close to done:

On Deck:  Finish the tutorial. Finish some lingering keyword research. Back to the novella.

Inbox: Eight unread.

Listening: Silence.

Reading:  Imperium Descent by Christopher Hopper.

Last Watched: Nothing new.

Condition: Meh. Shoulder is stil sore. About to try a 30 mile ride on the trainer.

February 7, 2024 blog daily diary

It’s been three minutes and I haven’t fed Freya. She expresses her displeasure.

It’s release day for my sister’s latest book. Our genres don;t overlap that much, but if you or your friends are interested romance, Amy’s books are very popular. Check it out here. (Or on my feed if reading this on Facebook.)

On Deck:  Lots of catching up to do with writing for the day job.

Inbox: 13 unread. (!)

Listening: Radio Paradise!

Reading:  Imperium Descent by Christopher Hopper.

Last Watched: Frontline’s breakdown of the January 6th hearings.

Condition: Sore shoulder. Might make this a rest day, but probably not.

February 6, 2024 blog daily diary