Headed to the obnoxiously-named Genius” bar to get the keyboard fixed on my Macbook Air.

I still prefer Linux for my daily driver, but the MacBook Air platform has always been one of my favorite platforms. (I’m typing this on a 2013 11” Air running Linux Mint.) But newer 2020 M1 Air has great battery life, which is great for day trips to the cafe and Vellum, the best ebook formatting software around, only runs on MacOs.

Hopefully the M1 will remain my last-and-only MacOs system.

The final cover for the Grovers Mill novella is in:

Just need to finish the damn story now.

And the Tesla Fire Short story is on Book Funnel. Go get it!

The link is pinned on my page if you’re reading this on Facebook.

February 12, 2024