After a week of dragging ass, I’m finally getting stuff done. I’ve finished the short story that will serve as a giveaway for joining my email list and will post it after feedback from my writing group this weekend.

I’ve also made considerable progress on the tutorial I’ve been struggling with at the day job. It will be done today, too!

Next is to finish up the novella I’m planning for Ream or Patreon (or both?) I already commissioned cover art for that. This is the latest revision. I think it’s close to done:

On Deck:  Finish the tutorial. Finish some lingering keyword research. Back to the novella.

Inbox: Eight unread.

Listening: Silence.

Reading:  Imperium Descent by Christopher Hopper.

Last Watched: Nothing new.

Condition: Meh. Shoulder is stil sore. About to try a 30 mile ride on the trainer.

February 7, 2024